A question for android phone users

I accidentally deleted a friend’s number and now I want to find it again.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Is it in your call history still?

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It might be yes but there’s a lot of calls and I have no idea which one might be their number.

If you texted them you might be able to search if you remember what you were talking about last time.


That’s a good idea. @Zoe. Think of any unique words you used in conversation with them, that would be searchable. Like if you talked about bunnies, search “bunnies” in your messaging app. Should bring up any conversations that include that word.

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Unfortunately we must have only used watsapp because I can’t find them on the text columns. :confused:

:slightly_frowning_face: Oh, no. Well, I hope they message you soon, so you can save their number again.

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Thanks @Blossom :bouquet:

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Our family phones all back up to a shared Google account including address books. That gives all of us the ability to recover contacts, photos, etc. if we lose a device or delete something by accident.

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