A question about therapy

Primarily, this is for @mortimermouse, but, if you know the answer, please feel free to chime in.

When someone goes to school to become a therapist, they are taught how to talk to people so that they are received well and their advice is heeded, correct?

Generally, yes. Although cognitive behavioral therapy is a little authoritarian, it is a generalization that therapists are taught how to be well received and their advice to be taken seriously. I should note that some therapy strategies are in fact a bit cold. CBT is one, and it is also the first line of defense for scz patients. This is probably what is happening to you. They do crap like address the way we think (call us out) and then show how it leads to negative behaviors (tell us what to do). It often involves commanding us and can invoke negative feelings.

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You kind of have to lose yourself to a degree.

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