A question about the popes visit in America?


I just want to know if people are generally excited about the pope visiting or not? Its because in my local european news they were kind of talking bad about him, and said that it was because theres a lot of jokes in america about the catholic church. Is that true? Or is he well liked?

Well since Americans are mostly stupid they all think every Catholic priest is a sexual predator. I’m in America and people are talking about it for sure. To the point where the nightly news is centered around it.

Lol sorry for being cynical. I’m working on it.

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I personally am excited about the Pope’s visit. I just saw him quoting about how animals are welcome in Heaven and that we will be reunited with our pets when we get to Heaven. I already believed this but I was glad to hear it from him.

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I don’t like Catholicism in general. I think it’s too extreme - being either exaggeratedly pessimistic or exaggeratedly optimistic about certain promises or qualities of God.

I used to be Catholic. I gave it up because I couldn’t fit their standard of sexual purity, but this new Pope is really the best. He is all about service to the people and preaching love and tolerance. He even said our sexuality doesn’t matter to him, which made a lot of the other Christians really upset. He also approves of the use of condoms as a way of avoiding disease.

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Yeah he’s getting Richard Rohr-like criticism for it.

The Fransciscans are definitely the best sect of Catholicism.

I agree. “Preach the gospel always, use words if necessary”… -St Francis

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I may become a lay Franciscan one day, that’s how much Rohr has inspired me. He’s very open minded to all types of spirituality and people.

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Most of the Fransciscans Friars I have met are exactly like that. They have no room in their hearts for hate, and they are the only ones to take the vow of poverty seriously. Unlike the Oblates I have met, who drove Jaguars and had a fully stocked top-shelf liquor cabinet.

I think it’s a case on “Onward Christian Soldiers” and now all of a sudden it’s good to be Christian and we’re all going to be used to fight an UN-holy war with the middle-east. And the people in the middle-east are being used by their powers that be to feel animosity to us. After - someone will be very wealthy - but none of it has anything to do with Jesus Christ or his teachings.

Lol yeah I heard the Jesuits are known for buying Lexuses etc too.

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It seems that people just misinterpret what Jesus wanted.

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It was on my beloved NPR, so it must be news. Aren’t we supposed to kiss his hand?

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They cherry pick it, twist it, turn it, and when it suits them they proclaim it and use it as a weapon to get their own way.

My Dad plays NPR in the car and it drives me crazy. Apparently I’ll like it when I’m older …

They do have Car talk though. and very smooth voices.

It takes a certain type of person to do his/her best to avoid what Jesus wasn’t teaching. Some people just aren’t thoughtful enough.

Oops, I hope Pixel isn’t around…

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I get paranoid watching the news, listening to it on radio is much better. I tune in every morning with my coffee, and getting my son ready for his day. I especially like the arts and culture they do.

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The news is depressing and I don’t watch it as much these days.

I get paranoid watching the news too. All I do is pay attention to the person’s performance anxiety.

I agree NPR has some substance to it.

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