A question about identity theft

I applied for an American Express Serve card. I was talking on the phone to an Am. Ex. representative, and he asked for my whole social security number. I don’t have a lot of experience in these matters, but all the other representatives I talked to only asked for the last four digits of my social security number. Am I in any danger of identity theft?

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My honest opinion is even if you have to go to the food avoid credit cards.
I get the same way when they want it for other bills. I guess life is risk. Its funny I just dropped something in the mail today to get a mail in credit report. I think somebody may be using number.

It’s not uncommon when applying for credit or getting your credit score that companies ask for your full SSN. It’s more the rule than the exception. Same for retirement accounts like a 401K or IRA and anything medical.

Would you prefer they give credit in your name to someone (who isn’t you) who didn’t know your Social Security Number?

Identity theft cuts both ways.

My dad told me to never give my social security number over the phone. In the situation you had it is better to “err on the side of caution”. In another words if you had doubts in this case you should have trusted your instincts and either tell the guy your worries or call another day to talk to someone different OR end the call and call their customer service number to talk to a manager with your concerns. Not everybody on the phone is legitimate.

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Call and ask for a written application if it’s bothering you.
In general when YOU call the company you know it’s legit.
When someone calls or emails YOU looking for information usually not.
If in doubt, call back at the number on the back of your card or from a statement.

Thanks. Just so everybody knows, a “Serve Card” is a debit card. They just charge one dollar a month, with free loads and withdrawals from ATM’s. It seems like a splendid deal to me. I haven’t detected any hidden fees yet. I got it so I could pay my bills on the internet. I’ve been mailing Wal Mart moneygram money orders to pay my bills, which is a hassle for me, and probably a hassle for the people who have to cash the money order.

Context is everything in these situations. If someone is calling you or sending an unsolicited link to a website, then by all means don’t give them your SSN .

If you are in a store or calling a company or going to a website to apply for credit, then you’re going to find it very hard to get credit if you don’t give a SSN in some form. Once they have your SSN to identify you to begin with, then they’ll generally only “challenge” you with the last 4 digits of your SSN or some other information.

Written form is probably least safe way of giving them your SSN, because they can forget to shred it. Orally can be recorded, but by law they are required to say that they are recording your conversation. It usually ends up in a computer database somewhere and hopefully encrypted. It’s rare that SSN’s get breached. Credit card numbers, names and addresses and email addresses are what usually they snag.

Wal-Mart has free checking accounts.

I didn’t know that. Still, it would be easier to do business on line if I had a debit card. It might be a mixed blessing having something that makes it easier to do business on the internet, but I think I can handle it. I’ve saved up a fair amount of money, and there are a few items I want to buy.

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My aunt told me its called bluebird. She says its a bank card with checks if you want. She said you do your banking at customer service at WalMart though they have specific atms every where. All free.

You will love Amazon.com

Sure, it’s possible. Contact the three bureaus so they can keep an eye on it. Equifax, and the two others.

That would be TransUnion and Experian.

No , if you were talking to a rep that works for amex , they work in an office , where they have processes that govern how they work. The have managers and systems , that look after this.

Did you initiate the call or did they?

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