A question about haldol

Does anyone know anything about aps with a similar profile to haldol? Like what exactly it acts on.

It’s a typical AP so high dopamine receptor binding and means increased risk for TD especially if you are on a high dose. Pdoc said it wasn’t as big a risk on lower doses. He said it was very similar to the atypical Risperidone though I don’t know why those are just his words.

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I hear it’s similar to Abilify, with its lack of weight gain, and how it’s an activator, and an NMDA antagonist.

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My dr. said that perphenazine is a close cousin. Both in low doses are used for stomach issues, both have the same concerns for tardive ak

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Dang looking for something similar without the td

The newer and expensive med Vraylar works on dopamine D3 without td risk. Some get restlessness on it.


Is it available in Canada?

Think Vraylar / caraprazine used in Canada some places.

That’s not true. What makes you say that ?!

I hear clozapine doesn’t cause TD, don’t take my word for it but that’s what I heard.

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OK there is some td risk. As an atypical my thought was that td risk would be small compared to Haldol. Time will tell how treatment naive patients do over time on it.

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