A question about fish oil expired date

I got two bottles of Vitabiotics fish oil for free because it’s best before date has expired in May this year. I am buying this product for months now so this is the first time to use it out of date. Couldn’t find any information on the internet. It only says that it should be consumed three months after opening.
It is bothering me because I’m giving it to my kid for few days now and I’m thinking what if it actually isn’t nutritional or useful at all?

I guess you could ask your pharmacist!

I don’t think it’s a problem if it’s stored correctly it should last. But I don’t know.

I did: one of them said it can be used and the other said it shouldn’t. :confused:

I can understand that some like to keep to the dates. But lots of food supplements and medicines keep much longer.

Their is probably a site somewhere where they have tested it’s potency past its best before date.

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Think it’s a case of best by date or use by date. Thinks that will be the best thing to start googling tbh. Wonder the same as it getting close with the expiry date it starts to taste more fishy.

For this I would err on the food side of expiration dates. It is probably best to follow the dates. I don’t see this as a medication effectiveness being reduced. I see it as something that might cause stomach issues. I’m not a doctor though. :slight_smile:

It sounds like you are talking about liquid form? I would compare the consistency, color, clear/cloudiness, smell, taste to an unexpired bottle to see if it is the same.

Anti-psychotic can be used after expiry date, according to a doctor at psychiatric clinic. I have no idea about fish oil.
You can ask the manufacturer.

I seen a documentary on vitamins, fish oil was in there, none of it was good, I would throw it out, not worth getting sick over, fish stuff goes pretty bad fast.