A Question About Feet

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Mine have had a very bad burning sensation for two months. :feet:

When I had a slipped disc in my back I got bad sciatica and had a burning sensation in my right foot. Maybe it’s that? Or maybe it could be onset of diabetes - think that can effect the peripheral nerves. Reckon it would be worth seeing a doctor about it. Might be easily fixed.

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I don’t want to scare you.

All I did was do a search for “burning sensation in foot”.


you could have chill blains, there are chinese herbs that can help you with circulation.
take care

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I would go see a doctor about it @BakedBeans. It might even be nothing serious. I hate to go see doctors, I am in the search now for a new General Practicioner, our old one is too far away. I also have to go see an Opthamologist - Eye Doctor. It seems that I have High Blood Pressure of the eyes - Glaucoma? Who in the F&@k knows anymore :cry:

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Yeah, if it’s been hurting you for two MONTHS, then you need to see a doctor. Don’t put it off. Get it taken care of right away before it turns into something more serious or before your feet suffer irreversible damage. Those are real possibilities.

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According to the web I either have diabetes or HIV. :astonished:

Well you don’t know for sure. I’ve heard doctors sat that with the advent of the internet , too many people are mis-diagnosing themselves. If might be smart to go to a doctor about your problem.

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I went to a doctor once about chronic nose bleeds and he walked in, listened to my complaint and told me to “stop snorting drugs and join the military”

Yes, thank you Moron MD.

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Please dont try to diagnose yourself or ask anyone else for a diagnosis. I’m a nurse and I still don’t try to diagnose.

Make an appt with your doc asap. That’s the only way to know for sure.

Self-diagnosis only breeds fear. You don’t need that.




It could be athletes foot.


I don’t think milder forms will necessarily have the rash. I use Gold Bond foot powder in my shoes.


Do your feet itch? When I had athletes foot it itched a lot.

No itching. They burn a lot. Especially at 8PM. :fire: :feet:

We can tell you what we think it is, but ultimately you need a doctors opinion.

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My Dr. really hates mentally ill people. Everything is in the head. Might try a walk in clinic. :feet:


There you go. That’s a step in the right direction.

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That was an interesting phone call from the clinic.

  • Ruled out kidney disease +diabetes

Their theory is long term exposure to lead. Lead poisoning. :alien:

That is interesting. Do you/they have any idea what the source would be?

I will never be defeeted.

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