A qualitative study of medication adherence amongst people with schizophrenia


Without scientific evidence,the most of people think that schizophrenia is a genetic disease or at least its
mental /emotional and behavioral symptoms is a result of genetic factors

And then,apply the rule that the gene is the health condition,disease and treatment (like diabetes and insulin ),then the results of the treatment of sz which were designed based on the previous considerations come below the level that should be achieved !

There is a concerted set of many reasons behind this failure,I write about them all time ,no one cares or wants to find solutions to it as if they are does not exist
It is clear that the sz subject be used as an applied model to test the credibility of many materialist theoretical assumptions regarding the nature of human nature -more than finding a real cure method for sz no matter what is real nature of this condition

It is sad that the fates of people who live their life in this decade have become mortgaged on the repeated failure of the current therapeutic theories to eradication the root of sz’s pathogen from the essential nature of people with sz

Day and years pass by,and there is no revolutionary achievement to be achieved in the world of sz (treats to cure ),while they know that life on earth is just a few years that pass
without any chance for a second life on the rug of the earth

The first reason;
the biological treatment designer is not interested at all in knowing the content’s details of the mental symptoms (specifically) that come in the person’s statements
The designer looks at the sayings with pride and cold blood and reduces them all to one words “disorder”,and this is the core of the problem that subsequently causes all aspects of therapeutic failures of the syndromic phenomenon (treat-cure )

He does not want to know what is in the content of the sayings of signs that may reveal to him the nature of the problems that affect the person and cause him permanent suffering throughout any period of waking time that he lives,which needs to find radical solutions to it

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When the sz happens today for someone,and you ask him tomorrow ;
What is wrong with you ?

He will not say: I suffer from the schizophrenia,positive symptoms,negative ,cognitive impairment ,social withdrawal,delusions,false beliefs,hallucinations or psychosis

In all cases,you will understand from the content of the person’s speech that ,he feels /perceives and describes an existence features of a person (s) and its hostile behaviors

He does not talk about any classical symptoms of any disease,because in reality ,he cannot diagnose (inside himself) the existential feelings of any known / unknown disease ( like pain,fever,dizziness,headache …etc)
It seems to him that he sees,hears and feels a person (s) all time is any situation

The things that a person feels is what is mentioned in the context of his words imply,
These things is real or unreal is not the core of the question ,because, the medical ethics are based on believing the “patient” when describing what he suffering from,not to denying the person or pointing accusation randomly to his mental state

In the case,if the Dr, examines the person and does not find any disease or clear symptoms ,in this case, the person’s statements must be described as a false allegations ( intentionally or unintentionally) due to a defect in his mental state , it is unreal and does not exist in the inner world of the person or even in the real world

The issue,is the person feels the things that he talks about or not ?,regardless your personal impressions with content of his speech (without external intervention from the listeners )

take your meds and you will get better

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i dun need any clue to say that u are in denial of mental diseases / mentall illness themselves, just based on your words .and it pretty much speak out why you dun have your treatment .

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for me i always take my medication.i cant mess around.i like to be safe.


Do you represent a prepaid ads that appear automatically between exchanged messages throughout this forum ?
If this a new developed way to show the medical products ?

take your meds , thank you, if i were paid then it would be great because then i dun any money for my psychiatry service and medication

Maybe you are a sales representative of some medical production company,and you are trying to seduce the members of the forum to test the madness drugs

you are one of charitable activists in the field of distributing meds “bonbon” to low-income people

You said "u are in denial of mental disease / mental illness "
Yes ,I denial Both of Genetic disease and Mental illness ,because the Sz is the sz ,and it is independent health condition in structure / function ,so that it is not medical condition or mental illness in root origin (regardless its symptoms outputs seem to your perception look like a symptoms of brain disease or mental illness )

If you dislike what i say,show us how you can prove that the nature of the sz nature is a disease or illness Even If you do that with the speech or writing !

So,you tell me take meds, just because I say the sz is not genetic or acquired by self-experiences or by action of the environmental conditions ,
Taking medication in order to belief with mythological theories

By way,the modern scientific studies suggest that,you are one of the donors who offer mood conditioners (meds) to reducing the hyperactivity of the writer who reject all aspects of imaginary theories

The med’s weaken me so much physically. It is hard not to resent them because of that. But other than that I like my Geodon and Seroquel.

Becoming extremely suicidal a few months after quitting meds when I was 23 years old taught me to be med compliant and I’ve been med compliant continuously for the past 30 years. Some of the hardest lessons can only be learned first hand.

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