A psychotic thought that is unrelated still have meaning?


Why do we deny some of our some of our deepest thoughts? Do we shrug them off as if they don’t exist? Are they feelings that we are afraid to experience with others?

Are they feelings we’d like to express but can’t? Why do we keep feelings secret it ain’t like other people can’t detect them.


I can’t say that anything of value ever came from my disturbed thoughts.


I apologize I accidentally published a draft I was working on.


Looks good for a draft.


I do this too. I always type it out some where else and copy paste. Some of my more general pondering I am still working on… Even some of my more immediate stuff, I type it in word and then copy it over. I do that with a few replies too. I’m trying to free form the replies more because that is what would have to happen in a normal conversation.


Yeah I’ll have like these great ideas and forget about them. I should type in word pad then paste over. New time I will be more organized. Thanks