A psychosis glitch after a time of stability


So after some time of stability my psychosis shows up again today. I hope it’s not the start of another relapse. I’m not depressed at least but my mind was all over the place today.

I daydreamed instead of listening to my husband when he wanted to do a calculation.

I went to make coffee with water I put in flask only to find it was still in kettle and I had to re-boil it.

Then I got mad and hit my head with my hand and took flask and hit my head with it - and broke it. Smash! The inside came out all shattered. How stupid of me! I wanted to cry…

Then tonight Alien inserted thoughts again and if that wasn’t enough, I was paranoid, thinking evil spirits would infiltrate my mind. And gunmen would attack our mosque on Friday. Then I heard voices telepathically telling me to kill my husband. No!!! I love him!!! ■■■■■■■ Alien!!!

What the hell is going on with me?? I was doing so well now the sza returns.

Fortunately Alien backed off when I spoke to my supportive husband and read a book.

I hope I will be ok as I write my learners test tomorrow and I need that learners permit so bad as it expired last month and I need to drive.

Hoping I will be ok and Alien will not bother me again.


I hope it was only a temporary glitch :astonished:


Hopefully you are ok and it was just a bad day.


Hope things get back to normal for you @Saadiqah.


Yeah if things get worse call your doctor!


Definitely call your pdoc if you need to, but hopefully this will be short lived.


I was good for a couple of months then bam a couple of days ago they come back. Sucks.


I’m so sorry @Saadiqah. I hope you’re only having a bad day. I’ve had bad days before.