A psychiatry relapse

A relapse into psychiatry. Perhaps worser than having a mental disorder. It depends a bit on your schedule. Think of sitting in a wheelchair and not being able to walk. Or the care at an event.

What do you think about this?

I don’t understand what you’re saying. What do you mean?

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Going back in the psychiatry is hard. And not good for what you do at normal days. Maybe that is harder than being mental ill.

Certainly psychiatric people suffer but they’ve got a job and I’m just a slave. And I suffer more.

I don’t know if they still believe you.

So maybe I can better go migrate?

I think there is nothing wrong with my mental state. I can make my own decisions and my health is good. So the mental state was no reason for hospitalization. But I don’t know how to explain this issue so that it doesn’t affect me and this won’t happen again. Any ideas?

For myself hospitalization is when I’m saying or hearing things that verge on risk of harming myself / others. If you are in a good state and you able talk to your who care team and docs and they don’t see a threat to you or others. You will be fine. They are watching signs and if they see that - They have the right to hospitalize you.

And you think you are doing okay while you see people with other disabilities that seem worse to you. They should be there and you are fine and shouldn’t be. That might be distorted thinking.

I tried to understand what you were asking, but my response could be completely inaccurate.

I think it is abuse and misuse of diagnosis.

They telling me the rules are changed here. That is worse trying that we can do something about harassment of people. But for me the psychiatry is now even worther and completely deny human rights.

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