A proud step dad!

So just had a lovely catch up over facebook messenger video calls with my ex’s daughter. For me she’ll always be my step daughter and we had so many good times. Sort of met with her husband over the video link and that was cool too. I’m chuffed to catch up with them and I never use any of my internet so it was all so easy.

Such a nice way of keeping in touch with people half a world away. From brisbane to Nw Arkansas and it’s like they are in your room…gotta love technology.


Glad it went well

I admit I use the video messenger a lot at the moment

Pretty cool technology

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Hmm. . .

Anyone Have Any Idea Why My Internet Video Calls And Such, (Like YouTube Live Feeds).

Are Always Being Sketchy & Interrupted?.

Sorry For Thus Interruption. But!, You Guys Seem Intelligent Enough To Throw Out A Thought.

Good For You By The Way, @rogueone!.

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Thats really nice @rogueone! I have a step dad too. I could have never wished for a greater step dad.

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