A Prison for Paradise-- what do you guys think?

A Prison for Paradise

Welcome to Central Meridia, a city on the sea where they sell weapons, a designated “Safe Zone” free from the New Foundations of America. This is the story of a family torn apart by an endless war. Sarah tells the story of when the army men came and took her brother to become a child soldier and then her adventure as she finds her lost sister Molly in the Wasteland. It is a story about destiny. A story that came from the soul in the sky, that wrote itself out in pencil, in a little notebook-written by me in 2005.

a story I wrote in 2005 and finished this year. It’s like 1984. It seems an allegory of the future.

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Paradise by the Dashboard Lights. Not you. The older women here. @turningthepage might know what I’m talking about.