A potato pun moment

Oh boy, I started potato punning today with a friend at school.

I told them in a joking way when we were drinking coffee that “if they were a potato they would be a hot potato” :wink:

They put their arm on my shoulder and said that if “you were a potato you’d be a sweet potato”

hehahah let the punning commence!

I’m happier today, my burn went down a bit and no body questioned it!


I was always fond of hearing…" oh, that’s small potatoes compared to what he makes a year"…in a phrase or something like that.

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Hahaha never heard that one. I’m going to use that tomorrow.

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Okay so…I have a relative who is a stoner…if they were a potato they’d be a BAKED potato hehhahahaa

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I wish America would legalize green potatoes !

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