A portrait painting


i painted yesterday a friend that in exchange but my a new awesome camera.
its to shame he understands nothing in art and have no taste. that is trou and i hope he will not boery my work in a toilet room


Beautiful 666999


You are talented!


Very good @ola!


Wow, that’s really good! Nice job!!


You are so talented @ola!


Very good! @ola!


Nice work @ola!


thanks for all. sorry i didn’t put my comment sooner as i should.
thanks, guys’ and ladies :wink:
hope you all fine there wherever it be
love you


thanks a lot. its morning. sorry i dont have something mor interesting to say back
but your response is actually better then my painted friend. tho hi like it but i think he hiddenly wants to hurt my so what he saa on this work wose : he seemes similar to my. thanks
:roll_eyes: that dumb man


thanks :kissing_closed_eyes:
you ae coollllllllll
i like you


thanks, darling. i need to go back on track in art. been so busy that forgot how i am…


I like it. It’s good. There is something I’d like to paint, but I don’t have the skill. It is the landscape outside my window during the night time. Most of it is dominated by this huge dog food factory, and during the day it is ugly. But the lights at night are extraordinarily beautiful. There is nothing special about them, but I’ve always found light surrounded by darkness to be beautiful - streetlights in the distance, and stuff like that. There is a giant motor pool at the side of the factory, with railroad tracks in front of it. There are five streetlights at irregular intervals, bluish and orangish. They are quite beautiful to me. Every once in a while a truck drives by with lights covering its side, and all you can see is the lights moving. I see this outside my window at night, and if I could paint it, I would frame it with my window frame, with just the faintest reflection of me in the corner of the window frame. This would invite the viewer to share my perspective, to offer to her the opportunity to join me in my vision and perspective. Not enough paintings are done of the night time. There are so many different light schemes that appear at night. They are heartbreakingly beautiful. The device of the window frame and the dim reflection, inviting the viewer to share the painter’s vision could be used again, too.


I like your painting, @ola.


hey maybe i can give you an advice on that. is sounds really beautiful how you described it, the vision is already ther!
so i recommend you since you dont have many experience in the field- to take a picture. photo it a few times and find the best that you like. then i will recommen you to work with any paint you familiar with. acrylics. oil pastels will be good to, try not to go to oil paint, no need too- and not colored pencils. the pigment not strong enough and pail.
take a shity paper and make a sketch. try the colors and the composition of the view and most important- have fun. and post it later


thank you darling it mean a lot


It’s a very simple scene to depict. There is a ridge behind the factory, and when it is dark, it is just a dark, crooked line across the top of the scene. A trees are on top of the ridge, making it a fuzzy lines. It might be hard to elicit the beauty of the lights, but with the right paint, maybe I can do it. I imagine there will be some trial and error. Thanks for the encouragement.