A poll just because


Who of you get the yearly flu shot?

  • Yes I get it and I believe it works
  • Yes I get it but I’m not so sure it makes a difference
  • No i didn’t get it but I probably should
  • No i think it’s a load of crap
  • No it’s just for sick or elderly or children

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I used to never get a flu shot and i never got the flu. The last two years i have gotten a flu shot because the CVS in the Target where i get my meds gives you a $5 coupon when you get a flu shot. So i get the shot and end up $5 richer.


I haven’t done mine yet but I will this week. Money incentive would help!.:syringe:


I don’t get do I need? I first time heard about that


I don’t get flu very often


It’s not mandatory but some people swear by it. I’m kind of on the fence


Last time I got a flu shot I got really sick. Haven’t got it since and haven’t gotten sick


Conspiracy maybe? Idk… I don’t get that ■■■■ in my country


Every time I get flu I get really ill and I cant make it to the next room without hyperventilating. I get one every year now as I’m asthmatic on the NHS, should have done that before anyway.


I never get it.


I never used to get it but as I grow older I do. Figure it won’t hurt, could really be helpful.


I get the shot every year and I don’t get the flu. My wife has the flu right now and is miserable and I haven’t caught it. She refuses to get the shot so it’s not for everyone.


Last time I got a flu shot right after that I got blasted with the worst flu I’ve ever had before I do not believe that crap about them telling you that you were going to get the flu all along
As a matter of fact is they inject you with a little bit of the flu when you get the shot and that’s how you get so freaking sick in the first place


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