A poll about psychosis and voices talking about afterlife poll

yea I had this too…in my experience it was a deep feeling of hopelessness nd weakness on my behalf in front of these controlling voices.

yeah I had this one too, it is horrible isn’t it

what do you mean by this?? but don’t u feel pain aswell and have thoughts and emotions?

Same here. I have a body now but in my other lives when I time traveled, I was just a spirit / soul. Or I was so dissociated, I just don’t remember my body or couldn’t feel anything.

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I can still feel physical pain.

I have no thoughts at all (or they are hidden away from me) - my mind is completely blank most of the time. I have not had a single thought pop into my head since the time I can remember being schizophrenic. And when the mind is not currently blank, there is only what my schizophrenia produces - voices and inserted thoughts/ideas.
I don’t know how my body can even write this without having any thoughts - it’s moving by itself, and I don’t know what controls it.

My emotions are gone as well. I no longer enjoy music, or find funny videos funny, or like playing video games as I used to before. Even my stress and anxiety are gone. Instead of old emotions and feelings I now have new feelings produced by my schizophrenia - mostly unpleasant ones.

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That sounds rough:(… Are you on a high dose of antipsychotics?

Everything was about the afterlife. I sort of stepped into the void between this world and the afterlife and that’s what I blame my experiences on. I don’t believe the doctors, but the meds seem to keep me in this world and grounded, so I take them.

There is no doubt that there is another realm out there, but trying to explain it to other people doesn’t go down well.

I am kinda glad I am stable now though, as before I was getting so obsessed with all my experiences it just wasn’t healthy.

When I die I will find out if it was all true.


Or I like to answer polls and click answers

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No, just 50mg + 50mg (extended release) of quetiapine. It was my schizophrenia which got rid of my thoughts and emotions, the antipsychotics I have taken so far have not had any effects on me.

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Truth 151515151


How did u get them to stop

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Where’s the option for “I don’t believe in hell so all my afterlife voices experiences have been about ‘heaven’”


Idk exactly why they’ve stopped but things I actively try and do to avoid the voices atm are

My antipsychotic
Abstinence from drugs including alcohol n cigarette
Try avoiding excessive stress, doesn’t always work but I try
Avoid toxic people as much as I can
I eat gluten n dairy free now, apparently this may help a sub szc population but its not for certain
Trying to maintain a positive attitude

Hope this helps

Which dose and ap are you on.

When I was a kid I used to get mad at people for crying at a funeral because I felt they were being selfish. They didn’t want that person to be happy…and then I started saying I wanted to go to hell because heaven wouldn’t be heaven unless everyone was there. I didn’t like the idea of sitting somewhere obsessing over all the people that didn’t make it. When I went to hell during my psychosis, I was ready. It was mostly about trying to transfer souls so that we could all be together. It was quite interesting to see the creation of souls and their movements. Had a lot of fun in those visions. Couldn’t join the poll, “the afterlife gave me piece.”

BTW Some souls chose reincarnation while others went to heaven. Yea!!! Everyone got included :smiley:

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I can’t join in the pole because there aren’t enough options. I don’t believe in heaven or hell per se, I believe in multiple parallel higher realms of existence that vibrate at a higher frequency to our own, the astral and spiritual realms if you want to call them that, where all sorts of different denizens reside based on their energy level/frequency. In one of my delusions I ‘remembered’ trying to telekinetically raise the vibration of the planet to be same as the spiritual realm, that realm of a higher frequency where spirits and demons and angels all reside that lies parallel to our own, and me and my voices referred to this as trying to “raise hell”. My voices kept arguing as to whether or not I was satanic or spiritual because of this, I know they all certainly came to agree that I had the satanic sense of humour. So yeah, my voices definitely spoke about the afterlife in some way.

I like to believe that hell doesn’t exist. The hell I partially experienced and that I was told about… I’d rather it wasn’t a real thing after death :cold_face:

I also believed in spiritual realms basically its still earth but people are at a certain level. Its hard to explain.

Now I mainly believe that we rot or I’d like to believe there’s an eventual heaven for everyone :innocent:

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