A Point to Ponder

If you are content in life no matter what happens to you then it is impossible to fail. I doubt anyone is truly in that state of mind though.

well man my life is great… but there still are times when I don’t even want to be a part of this life.

It’s hard to cope with being alone… it makes one question the self as to why no one reaches out… what can I do? What can I change in myself that will bring me more friends?

It gets more complicated from there and disappointing to realize that friendship means different things to people and most folk really are good on their own and are not inclined to seek out time with friends beyond what happens by coincidence through the progression of their lives.

Most all valid elements of my life are squared away aside from needing a bit more money perhaps… In regards to making friends though, I either have to sacrifice my standards and/or face tremendous boredom to be around people, taking to drinking a lot of alcohol… or… just sit alone.

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I often fear that reaching out will expose me to a World where I am pressured to drink, smoke, have children I can’t support, or take illegal drugs too because of the rumors I hear saying that a lot of folks where I live are doing that. But I have found when I ventured out a little that not everyone is into that. I will have to say that I’ve always had trouble trying to make serious friendships, or romances that went beyond just talking because I have not put the effort I need to into things like that. At times I have been quite content with having very little but I am reminded often that being in the state I’m in makes me contemptible to others and looked down upon. I have never quite had a completely acceptable profile. When I worked I was living with my Mother. While I have been generally on my own for a while I have not worked and am torn about ever doing so again as it caused tremendous anxiety and exhaustion for me when I was doing it. Almost the entire time I have not been able to drive. When I hear derision from others it makes it harder to be content.

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Suck it up buttercup I know you can make this hump!