A Poem: Water

Blood is thicker than water
Unless someone in the family
Has mental illness
Then it’s about the same.


hmm…Water…how do you know its there the funny thing about water is wet is a feel of the brain that is not clear.


i didn’t know that my mi changes the physical weight of my blood!

Blood is thicker than water. and Blood runs thicker than water.
Prov. People who are related have stronger obligations to each other than to people outside the family. My friends invited me to go camping on Saturday, but I have to go to my cousin’s wedding instead. Blood is thicker than water, after all. If you ever need help, don’t ask your friends. Come home and ask us, your family. Blood runs thicker than water.

Through the miracle of copy and paste!


Sorry you feel this way.
If it not mental illness, it is something else… humans can not live with any other being. Animals, other humans, politicians, religious leaders, races and even their children/parents sometimes.

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