A Poem, Untitled

Maybe it is fate
That I will always love him
Maybe there’s nothing he can do
To stop my love for him
He knows how to speak to me
Without words
His touch feels familiar

You may think I’m lucky
But how can a love
So seemingly strong
Also be so scarred
So much that, within,
Disconnection runs deep

It makes me weep
Becareful what you sow
If you care about what you reap.

The future is a gift
At a second chance
But still
This weight on my head
Can not be shed.

On the bright side,
The sun gives life to
Developing plants.
Our body’s supply
Of red blood cells
Is replaced.
There are
Worse things I could have

Than losing my freedom
Of speech in its
Such as losing
My wings of hope.

My voice may be small
But my stamina is not
Thanks to
Everything,… whether
Glistening or rotting.
Sensing with feeling,
Purpose and meaning, in
Simplicity and being.



My Favorite Part.

Quick, Inspiring, Touching, Fruitful Warning.

Good Job!.

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Thankyou!, Sleepoptimistic, much appreciated.

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