A Poem: Tiggy

Oh Tiggy sleeping on my lap
I know if I wake you, you’ll bite
So we will wait together
For @everhopeful’s poem of the day


Tiggy bites too?
Geno is a biter
and a clawer
In supreme proportions

Yes he gets aggressive if he gets woken up. It’s a recent and very frightening development.

He has also been waking me up by clawing my head really lightly. Which I suppose is nice. He has the ability to tear me to shreds and seems to refrain. I guess I should be thankful?

Geno bites and claws at my moms hair every night to wake her up for food.

Tiggy and Geno have a lot in common :smile:

But Geno always bit
We thought it was him teething, but it’s gone on for 2 1/2 years!

Yes I’m hoping this is just teething, but I’m growing less and less sure of that as time goes by. He might just be a biter.

Otherwise he is a really affectionate and lovely cat.

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Geno is a spoiled brat and a biter, overeater, scratcher, King of the castle, etc… But we still love him :heart_eyes_cat:

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Cats are awesome. Tiggy has brought so much happiness to our home. He is such a little character.

He plays fetch, kisses us when we go to the window if he is looking out. Or boxes us if it’s the living room window.

He cuddles and nurses at my dressing gown just like a little baby. And he has commandeered a washing basket in the living room as his new bed since he outgrew his old bed.


Geno was born on approximately the same date I was last discharged from a psych ward. Maybe he’s good luck!

And I brought my bracelets the day I got sober…been wearing them since and haven’t relapsed, not even a sip of alcohol!

I like good luck charms

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I had a new diamond ring on lay buy and when I put it on lay buy I said to myself that when I have it, that’s the end of the line for me and codeine.

I have the ring off lay buy now and I’m still weaning off, but I’m sticking to the plan and preparing my body for naltrexone. The ring is a reminder that there are better things in life than codeine highs.


I don’t know the solution to the biting cat problem, but I like the poem! :blush:

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Thanks @everhopeful that means a lot coming from the master!

I think I just have to ride out this recent … assertiveness Tiggy has developed.

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You can do it! You will develop better coping skills when you are sober and everything will be for the better.

They say addicts don’t mature when they use, but really it’s just they never develop coping skills…so in essence a part of our maturity is stunted. But then we mature fast when we get sober!

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