A Poem: Stuck

I’m stuck in my own head
But it’s more interesting
Than what’s going on
Outside it.


I guess that’s a indication that something is wrong if it’s consistant. I get that too.

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Wooo! Phantasy time.

Oh man I can remember bits and pieces of the journey I would go on in my head.

I remember one time sharing a cigarette with a native woman who may not of been real.

It can be dangerous, but of man the thrill of risking sanity can be tempting.

I say we all pool our resources, buy a chunk of land, and start a colony. That never goes bad.

Thank you dude! Always enjoy your work.

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One problem I had with the voices is they were always acting like someone else. Then I realized I am a very boring person who few people want to be. So maybe that was the reason.

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It’s usually a sign that I’m not doing well when I give my inner world and voices too much attention.

It makes things unnecessarily complicated.

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Stuck in a hamster wheel.


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