A Poem: String

How much of our misery
Or happiness is caused
By others? Are we their
Puppets on a string?


An invisible hand guides every action I make. That’s why I can’t be held responsible for my actions. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I like to think of it as more of being a spiders web we are all attached to. Those closer to you can pull your threads easier, but even waves large enough can ripple through.

Going limp is an option, just giving into every tug, losing control.

Another option is to pull back with equal force, risk breaking our thread to the person, but they stop pulling.

Good one dude, I love the brain food you so masterfully cook up! Thank you.

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Beck and cord the melody which plays the strings of a symphony but who is conducting this horrible mess when all our lives are Tangled stress of notes

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i think that my misery is caused by others but it can be readjusted significantly with self determination, stamina, focus and such

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Someone should pay me for that one

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Dancing llama on strings you play my heart like a ballerina funny how life show go when others pulled the strings I guess the only delusional is what’s in the head of a Puppet Masters bibs

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