A Poem: Spy

When you’re ill you think
You’re being spied on,
When you’re really ill
You think you are a spy.


Wow. Your ability to break schizophrenia down to its essentials in 4 lines always blows my mind!


I had that delusion thought my folks were briefing me on only what I needed to know.

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I’ve only experienced the first one. Hope I don’t get sick enough to experience the second.


I recall on the radio ‘Maroon 5’ and maybe a song I played on my laptop from ‘5 for fighting’… I thought the populous was saying my nuclear family was ‘an island’ toward humankind kind of

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My first psychiatrist who diagnosed me didn’t believe that anyone was stalking me but rather I might be stalking that individual. I was so offended because I wasn’t that sick I guess.


This rings true for me too @everhopeful .

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Thank you EH! Good one dude.

I try to express it often, you do great work. Always spark thought.

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I never knew if my folks were really being questioned by the CIA or if they had a duo delusion. I knew my parents were cold, angry people so it wouldn’t have surprised me.

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Good poem @everhopeful

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when i went to visit canada with a friend from south korea we had to take a stop in the USA and when we came there they thought we were korean spies, they interrogated us for hours and eventually put us on an airplane to canada but they took our passports and we were guided there and when arriving in canada immediately more interrogations…

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I’ve definitely experienced the the first one not sure about the second.

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