A Poem: Reject

One way to make someone
Feel intelligent is to
Give them advice,
Which they’ll naturally reject.


Little leaves are falling off the trees looks like fall has come for why would a tree reject it when oxygen is a bomb

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I think a lot of advice can be healthy, but I guess it depends on the relationship one has with the person. It’s easier to take advice from someone close than some casual aquaintance.

I had some guy I hardly know telling me what kind of work I should apply for. He kept nagging even when I made it clear that it was not something I wanted to do. But then it’s also a respect thing I guess, and something about minding ones own business.

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Someone once told me, “advice-seekers have usually already made up their mind.” Further, “what they really want is someone else to blame if their choice goes wrong!”

It rang true to me when I heard it. Now, I try and only give my “common sense, experience, strength, and hope on an issue.”

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