A poem, prisoner

I am imprisoned
and I will be for my whole life
IDK how I will ever get out this prison
or if I ever can
right now it feels like I cant ever get out of this
at least I can hope to get into the best prison in the world
But I will still be in prison
because of the way the world works
but still
I hope one day I can be satisfied nevertheless
even in prison lol!!!
seeing as it is the best prison in the world
just hopefully
I don’t get put in the worst prison in the world

just a state of mind…………


Well done!

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felt this needed an accompanying song since it is in the creativity section

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Thanku @TheCanuk!!!

much appreciated

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reminds me of the quote by Bob Dylan
no one is free
even the birds are chained to the sky

I always seem to remember tht one up to now

but still I feel like my prison sucks lol

but I wonder wat life wud be like if I wasn’t in prison
he makes a point somewhat in ur clip

but still, my prison really sucks lol

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this ones good too

for the mood

beautiful ! 1337

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Thanks Androo :pray:

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Very nice!! 15444

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Thanks Wave,

much appreciated :smiley:

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