A Poem: Pilot

When it comes to my life
At the moment, I feel I’m
Trying to pilot a leaking boat
In the right direction.


That is a part of psychiatric illnesses
And also yourself and your life
Figure things out…


The term ‘Pilot’ reminded me of an old joke.

That movie was so bad I walked out…and I was on an Airplane! :wink:

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I dunno.

Some people are good with math, English, geography, the sciences…etc. I just have total recall for corny jokes and anything funny that has happened to me throughout my life.

It keeps me in pretty good stead socially, because I can turn most conversations into a humorous anecdote.

Your poems are crazy good @everhopeful…short, on point…relevant!


I told a joke to my friend at work. He said…

“That’s a really good one, Pat! I’m going to tell it to all of my friends…on February 30th.” :laughing:


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