A Poem: Paranoid

Mildly paranoid over nothing,
And there goes a convertible car
With it’s roof up in the rain,
That’s the summary of my world.


Never had paronoia in my life…still a sz…haha…

Nice poem man…keep it up…!!! Happy deepawali and tihar to u big man… @everhopeful …take care…

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Do u take anti depressant @far_cry0

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Havent started yet i am just on risperidone …!!! I am super low functioning…how are u @Magicfish …i feel proud cuz u work full time…

Yes u must talk to your doctor anti depressants can really help


Are u on any anti depressant…

I take Zoloft only 25 mg. It goes up to 200 I think and I do great on it!

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Yes I take lexamil world great

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It is popular in our country…its known as zosert in my country…

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What is it generic name…

Escatalopram …

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Think that’s how it’s spelled

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Okay okay i understood …what are u doing ryte now @Magicfish …i am on internet and watching hindi song…!!!

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I am in my car leaving work to go to a friends house then a market afterwards

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Haha i cant drive…good for u …!!! Enjoy man.!!!

I have mild paranoia too.

You should do something fun today, it is Friday!