A poem on mixed episode

“From hell to heaven”

My blood is boiling I’m full of rage I feel like a monster locked in a cage. My body is energetic my mood is low how ■■■■■■■ long will this hell go.

psychosis is in full force and the world is a cult of course there out to get me all I can do is cry why the ■■■■ am I so blue do I deserve to die it almost seems like I do my mind is racing when will this stop this is a mixed episode I wish I was just manic but I’m not .

the fights I get into are my only release maybe if they kill me I will get some relief from this monster called schizoaffective disorder which is schizophrenia with bipolar type one. This poem is about a mixed episode thats long gone.

now I wake up with a smile I overcome the hell and I’m proud of the man I’ve now become. a man who has a smile on his face no longer crying or feeling like a disgrace

Yes my life ain’t perfect but i see the light I no longer suffer I’m no longer in hell my world changed for the better I am the person I wanted to be no longer suffering and turning the world into a place I wanna be

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Very nice poem

Love the title

Amazing ending

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