A poem of Romi translated by me,

Oh dear friend you went wrong that you went with another friend,
You left your own work and went to another work,

One hundred times I forgave you and showed you that,
Oh, the arrogant one, you went wrong another time,
I did magic one hundred times and made you healed and happy,
You didn’t understand and you went to another illness,
I said you are a fish, why you walk with a snake?
You again got confused about yourself and walked away with another snake,
You said: oh my dear friend, I can’t see you in the cave,
That friend is in the cave but you have gone to another one,
How your value doesn’t decrease? How the color of your face doesn’t change to a bad color?
When you have seen my bazzare, you have gone to another one.

Description: Rumi in this poem blames one of his friends that why, when he has seen the righteousness of him, he again goes with bad and dishonest friends,

Its song in persian language:

Listen to Alireza Assar Ey Yar Ghalat Kardi علیرضا عصار - یار غلط کردی by ChraghJadoo #np on #SoundCloud


I love Rumi :wink:


Listen to the music by headphones, it has an Indian theme in it,


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