A Poem: Mountains

I hate people who make
Mountains out of molehills
It really upsets me
I’m going to cry.


Must be a lot of molehills to make a mountain.


@mjseu Making mountains out of molehills means making a big deal out of something small.


“It’s been a long hike.” Called Anthony out to his partner. The final few steps in their reach.

“What next?” A huffing elder choked out during wheezes and pants.

“The big one.” Anthony stretched a finger towards the sky. “The one they call “a pile”.”

The elder laughed at the preposterous thought. Finally sitting at the peak, sun dipping down past the horizon, flares and halo’s giving way to galaxies in the night sky.

Another selfie to add to the book. Another treacherous summit. Another day in the life of….

“Anthony Ant”



In my language we have an equivalent saying. Literally “to make a stallion out of a mosquito” :sweat_smile:

It doesn’t mind me at all. Cause I hate mosquitoes but like horses.

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