A Poem: Miracle

I’m being interviewed by the media,
For my miracle cure for everything,
Then a split second later ,
I’m back watching music tv


I don’t want a cure for everything, it would be chaos! Cure for life, cure for death, think of the paradoxes, man!!!

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It can cure paradoxes, silly!

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Ermagherddddd Everything would cease to exist! There would be a cure for existence!

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And also, would there be a cure for the cure?

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no that would be an antidote

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I daydream about it so much I’m even trying to think of a name for the product. But at least it’s only a daydream. Not like I splashed out $3 billion on it!



I like the band ‘the cure’.


I’m a bit wary of curing diseases because in many years it might make humanity have poor immune systems and be totally reliant on big pharma to survive.

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Dunno. We already have poor immune systems I think, that antibiotics help us with already.