A Poem: Maybe

Maybe I’m being punished
For being a bad person,
Or maybe I’m a bad person
Because I’m being punished.


That is the cycle with punishment. It doesn’t exactly work as a motivator for lasting change. It just teaches people how to be sneakier or how to stop caring about being punished.


All the while the clock ticks. Tic tic tic and you’ve wasted precious time to change.

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I think life is like that with a lot of things. Amongst other We may expose ourself or be exposed by others to things that aren’t good for us. When this happens we often revisit this like a bad habit or like a addiction.

Breaking out of the self-punishment is a struggle and staying mentally sober is a life long project that never ends.

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Maybe you secretly enjoy the punishment? Maybe I do? Are we masochists? lol

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Sorry @everhopeful my failed attempt at a joke

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