A Poem: Judge

People judge you
On your outsides
As they’re not
Mind readers.


Real life, yes, very true. Little disheartening, but it’s true.

Place like here, not so similar. How we’re judged here is from our actions and words, not our mortal shell. That part of us is removed from the equation.

Kind of funny IMO, the anonymity gained from the forum often time makes us more open. Where as the openness of life often leads us to guard and wall, put up our own form on anonymity mask.

The llama council has met, you have been judged, you shall be spared. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Unfortunately for me I am usually staring into space with a frown on my face. Not the best look. lol


“Judge, I’m innocent. When the signs said “Free Bill” I grabbed the ten dollars out of her hand and kept walking.”


What if the convict’s name had been Weenie? :thinking:

There’s this complete and total jerk at work. I nicknamed him RAF. It stands for…

Resting Ass-hole Face

Everyone in the company has picked up on it and it’s become his new moniker.

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Probably ignored him.

Well…he’s probably unpleasant, but don’t be too hard on him. Maybe he’s having a hard time without realising it himself.

I had a period where I was very unblanced and struggling mentally and it definitly affected my behaviour to the worse at work although i had no desire to be a wrench in the wheel.

I’m not suggesting you should excuse poor behaviour, but take it with a grain of salt. Maybe he will come around. Some people change.

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