A poem inspired by something my neighbour said

I’d rather have
Than this.
She spoke the words
As if
She looked into
My blackened soul
That identical thought
Thousands of times
In my mind.
It’s like wearing
Rose coloured glasses
Except no pink
More like jaded green.
She sits on the stairs
A cigarette
Hanging from her lips
The despair
The tired eyes
Pain so apparent
On her face.
How do I tell her
I understand
When everyone
Pretends they do.
They don’t because
No one wants cancer.
Except us who know
That this
All consuming
Will let us live
Another 40 years
Of mental anguish
Bordering on hell.
No not bordering
It is pure hell
No chance of cure
No chance of normalcy
Just one black day
Followed by one more
Pushing through
Praying to find relief
Finding instead
An overwhelming
I turn to walk away
But just.as I do
I say
I do too.
Hanging my head
I walk inside
I said it.
The truth of ugliness
Has now been released


Do you think when you admitted to her that you understood her, that it made her feel better? I think it might have.

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I hope so. It gave me.a sense of relief

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It is a really good poem. I should have said that first :slight_smile: I like the way you made every line short and powerful.

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My neighbor said to me “Eat sh^t and die.”

So I’m still working out the verses.


I like it because it feels raw and not sugarcoated.

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