A Poem: Imposter

If you dream about
Getting somewhere,
You might feel like an imposter
When you get there.


Worth a shot, at least in my mind.

Makes me think about my education, the world I once experienced.

I don’t see myself as a degree, don’t define myself by it. Maybe that’s enough.

I still want to take you out for an adventure, getcha all riled up. An epic of mastodonic proportions. Like Gilgamesh, or Hercules.


Be safe dude, thank you!


I used to feel like an imposter at my job, that I left last June. My boss was always saying things like, “You are amazing!”, “You’re such a good employee!”, “We are so happy to have you!”

But it was weird to me… Cause the last 2 years of my 5 years there, I was working part-time. Then I worked from home (started that in October, 2019). And my work output became worse and worse… I became slower and slower… I couldn’t remember the new processes for things, so I had to keep asking my boss and my coworkers the same questions, over and over.

But my boss still gave me lots of positive feedback! I appreciated it. But I felt like a fraud. I thought, If she just knew how much I struggle and how much I procrastinate, she wouldn’t be giving me such positive feedback…"

ANYWAY - This is a great poem, @everhopeful. :relaxed: As usual.


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