A Poem: Game

If life was a game
You’d get bonus points
For keeping
Your mouth shut.


Silence is golden

Duct tape is silver


Good to see you EH!
Wishing you well.


As for one who is always spilling her guts, I appreciate the comment.


One two one two MHS has an old shoe…Written in the stars a million miles away…I have some say…Even if…Its just another manic monday…Wish it was funday…


Soon to be sunday…No rum or tum day…An apple for Miss Mapple…Its never it…the movie has a guy called sith…does that make me crazy…probably just like you

The last call yall…oneplus one wquals missing the sun…growing linger dont little the ranger…if it doesnt rime…then its time…there will be no wine…no nice bye bye…the never lie lye the goddamn wry wry…if god is dead the answer with words like lead…when we dream when we talk…we write our names in chalk…I have mine…end of line…it feels good to be bad…only one of us can be saf…dont think Im mad Im the one that mans up, maybe your the one who suck… a skill to compete… the way say it is neat…one and only ■■■■…your running out of luck…there is triple tgreat…when this close…as thragon freezes night wheezes…tune in there is no sin…the game is the same…his words hurt…you drag me towars that… one two three soon evryone will se…smeagol gollumb, times have been lost at least CNN dont cosr…its a feeling go ahead girl try stealing…fir your man its a plan…call me later instigator…im only a man pnly into sex with women only men socially and really this disclaimer comes so late on yhe page that they will say its faith if your response is lat…purelyhetero for the girls drumwhirl…the never ending story…In the man dont worry…only shraight write that one ad well or in the slum dwell
McKinsey 1823 Renember if some other want to see1.8

Yeah, I could learn this lesson better. I will sometimes say something in my “out loud voice” that is better thought, but left unsaid. :zipper_mouth_face:


I think, therefore I am, but if I use my “out loud voice” I better run as fast as I can.



Don’t forget the gag me with a corporate spoon valley girls! They count too. They might become Al Gores Unintended Reality Show Hosts! Tan how? Bottled blond hair style and carona beer convience, maybe?

Its funny, the lemming that walks in the opposite direction of the heard of buffulllo off a cliff, gets to hear about how ■■■■■■■ sick and anti-social she is.

The manic’s lament:
Wanting to say everything you can say
When you have nothing to say

I have a gal I’m with for a long time. After we make love, she says, “That was the best sex I ever had.”


Lol. You sure she’s not the type of girl who after every pizza says, “That’s the best pizza I ever had?” Or after every glass of water she says, “That’s the best water I ever had?”

Yeah, Nick. That’s the point. If I cook her a meal, she says, “That’s the best meal I ever had.”

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