A Poem: Game

Life is a giant game of
Rock, paper, scissors
You win some
They win some


Look eye! Always look eye!’
(- Miyagi sensei)

I dunno why your poem has reminded me of the movie Karate Kid… :thinking:


Life is like a game of chess
Theres a team
And there’s an opponent
But unlike chess
You wish everyone
The best

Thee end :raised_hands:


God is playing chess with us, if you want to, that is. People can just watch, or play some other game, or do nothing at all. Completely up to the person.

Existence is an open system that stretches to infinity.

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I’m an atheist.

Biocentricm though? You can’t not exist, theoretically.




  1. the action of attempting to convert someone from one religion, belief, or opinion to another.

“no amount of proselytizing was going to change their minds”

From Oxford

I figure even atheists live on. Biocentrism isn’t specific to religion.

Like maybe atheist consciousnesses are handled by similarly skeptical, intelligent beings after the final curtain.

But if you’re really a man you cheat.


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