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A Poem: Final Poem


So farewell then poems
You’ve annoyed people enough!
Now it’s time to stop
So this is the final poem.


Hahha never stop ur intrest…i like ur poem tho u dont respond to my question… i think u are done with me…no i am not a troll…hhaha take care big brother…enjoy ur lunch…!!!have a lovely day ahead…


So long, solitary and misunderstood Bard from another Age…

We shall miss your tokens of wisdom, but maybe you change your mind and come back :wink:


:pensive::astonished::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: really???


There are still poems in you that need to be written! I love your poems! :heart:


I initially hought this thread was from way12go.

NooOooOooOoo! We need your poems on the forum @everhopeful :slightly_smiling_face:


Will you never return until tomorrow with a better poem?


Are you going to listen to the people who don’t like your poems or the people who do like your poems?


Oh man really @everhopeful?
I like your poems a lot.


A day … the forum will remember :bouquet:


Aw liked your poems,

Hope this is just another one of yours.


Please let there be another poem tomorrow!


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