A Poem: Fair

We all think life
Should be fair,
But it’s not,
And that’s not fair.


Things can’t always get better, but they could always get worse. At least life is fair in the sense we are all in this together for a short time.

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Life is like a carnival ride at the fair you pay for the ticket get on the ride and when you leave dizzy and realize you’ve been ripped off you simply say that’s fair


I travel round and round
On the underground
From Paddington
To Leicester Square
I travel all the day
And I go all the way
With a single 30p fare,
With a single 30p fare…

(A silly rhyme I remember from my first English teacher, some 30 years ago)

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“I want justice for the voices that can’t be heard

Vindication for every suffering and hurt

Let redemption hold dominion over earth

Because judgment day’s not coming soon enough”

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