A Poem: Facilitate

Money can’t buy
You love,
But it can certainly
Facilitate it.


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True true true.
As long as I was the spender with any girl she kept hanging around. When I put the lid on, they shyed away rather suspiciously. But not every girl was like that. For some I never had enough :sweat_smile: And then there was that one gem of a woman who didn’t care about money but I was too young to appreciate her.


There’s a old 80’s high school comedy called “can’t buy me love”. Good movie by the way.

Anyways relationships based mainly on acsess to another persons resources isn’t true love. But it is no doubt that a lot of people wants to be financially secure when they go into a relationship, so it is definitly a plus in any case.


Yes I guess you are right but a date doesn’t have to cost money. If you are creative and spend time together, sparks may fly. I always wanted to start off getting asked out on a date. The males I encountered wanted to hook up, for starters, and let’s see where it goes from there. I was old fashioned and unwilling to start off on a “scam.” Needless to say, I was single for a long time, until I met someone mature enough and financially stable enough to play by my rules.


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