A Poem: Everyone

I resent everybody
So maybe I’m at fault,
It can’t be everyone else
And yet, and yet, and yet…


People stress me out because I have a chronic headache. Nothing deep about it. Just superficial.


I don’t know how to let go of this resentment. It’s a battle. I tried a lot of things, meditation, love, forgiveness, healing, practicing kindness, veganism, CBT.

I resent malicious people and humanity in general. I also resent my relationship for no reason.

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i resent everyone for not liking me but how can they when I don’t like myself.

so that is the problem

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Don’t live to be a people pleaser, it’s just stressful. How can you please everyone?

Just find a circle and grow with them. Simplicity is freeing.

If you love yourself enough, it doesn’t matter if others don’t. It just bounces off you.


Thankyou @naturallycured

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