A Poem: Dose

It’s difficult to write a poem
When you’re feeling sedated
on a higher dose of abilify
But here goes.


Abilify made me lazy. I read somewhere you have avolition. I was like that 2 years before psychosis and still sometimes ups and downs.

Now on Geodon i am much more active. But i absolutely understand the lack of interest in anything.

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Dose in vein
Fried Brain


I’m hoping the sedation will go away in time. I remember being quite sedated on 10mg at the beginning too. I’ll have to wait and see if it makes any difference to avolition though.

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I feel like writing; there’s nothing there
My head is empty, my soul is bare
I have no thoughts, and no desire
No emotion, no inner fire
Is this just the way it is for me?
This pointless existence will leave no history
My mark shall not be imprinted on the world
When I leave, uneasy
The muddy remnants of my failure.

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