A Poem: Doormat

People in my family
Don’t like it when I say “no”.
They’ve equated vulnerable
With doormat.


Same. Part of why I am no longer speaking to 2/3 of them.


Yes, mine too.

I still brace myself, expecting hell to break loose, when i tell people no. I still find it incredibly scary and expect to have to fight a war when i set a boundary or say i disagree. But people outside the family seem to take it better and im getting used to it.


My family seems to think my house is their personal storage bin. My niece, daughter and dad have stuff here. I cleaned my dad’s clothes out of my house and put them in a building he has next door but he’s afraid the weather will get to them there so he wants me to put them back in my house. He just brings crap to my house without asking and his house is full of crap.

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Perhaps you need this doormat to keep those family members away? :thinking:


I was essentially a professional doormat for the majority of my life, definitely while growing up. Classic bully fodder. “No,” for me, has been the single most important word to practice wielding in recovery and far and away the most difficult to exercise.


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