A poem dictated by the man on the moon in the middle of the night. Written by ivy

The man on the moon hides under my bed just waiting for a chance
To climb inside my head.
He lives in the shadows of my soul.
He drives my crazy train down a dirt road.
His lies can be my truth. Who can argue with the man on the moon?

The man on the moon follows me to bed. He tucks me in tightly and promises he will never leave.Not until im dead.

The man on the moon is never too far. We share the darkness.He possesses my heart. He plants his seeds in my garden and i share the fruit.

Today ill follow the man on the moon and tuck him in bed.
My truth will become his life.
Ill use every word he said to smother the sun and fuel the flames in my head.

We are one now and i miss the sky.
The man on the moon is afraid of the dark. He wants off this ride now but i gave him my heart.

The man on the moon is not real.
Its only voices in my head.
The .man on the moon is gone now.
Does this mean im dead?