A Poem: Delusional

It’s fair to say
The disease has beaten me,
To say otherwise
Would be delusional.


Makes sense to me,
For whatever reason that may be.
Delusional plight.
As far as I’ve seen
You’ve stood strong
Keeping up the fight.



weather,weather it is fact,
if you have one don’t look back,
for if you do, you well see
a big delusion , calling thee. Delusional…


Music and humour
My only two weapons
Against this beast
Of an affliction

But winning the battle
Seeing it through
To the bitter end
Will always be my addiction


The disease is a flimflammer
The first step is to break the illusion
The first step is to know you’re beaten

A displaced mind degrades with time when aggravated
But a clean break will heal with time & love


Roses are red
Violets are blue
Most days I think I am defeated
Then I prove that not true


My Alter ego, the most prominent of my voices harassed me to commit suicide for a year. I finally got so upset I decided it was the best thing. But I wanted to have a couple cups of coffee before I took the pills. So I hastily drank the coffee and right before my last sip he said not to. We had been fighting for 28 years on a daily basis and he had finally let me know he was trying to kill me the last year. So you could say my disease, which seems to be a disease of the Imagination has beaten me too!

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