A Poem: Day

The problem with having
To live day to day
Is you can’t see
Where you’re going.


Little bit sad. I hope you kay :slight_smile:

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they’re basically one-liners from him

check out this out from Daze:

This melancholy has a holy design
written on the side of the moon
I fall into its deep grooves.

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One liners are the best.

As well as Haiku, great for Twitter.

Matter of perspective.

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I like it, Daze. It’s good. Cathartic.

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Yes and in day treatment we read a poem that said something like “I’m walking down the street. I don’t see the hole, I fall in, it takes a long time to get back out…” pretty much sums up my entire year… A ■■■■ load of setting small goals for myself, not really accomplishing much, battling apathy.

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