A Poem: Cracked

O psychiatrist
I noticed your phone’s screen
Was cracked
How can I trust you now?


My phone screen is cracked and falling apart. Can’t trust me either lolll

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Oh geez ! What is it with you apple people ?!

Time for an upgrade !


How did it go?


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an apple a day, keeps everyone away. If you throw it hard enough ! :green_apple: :apple:


I saw a psychiatrist that I didn’t like this time (I see different psychiatrists every time at that place). They just asked the same questions and took notes. I don’t think they were well prepared. And their phone’s screen looked like they’d hit it with a hammer. :frowning_face:


I am sorry! :frowning:

Yeah a lot of people do not bother replacing the screen as it costs at least a hundred bucks. Maybe though they are waiting for the new iPhone :smiley:

Hope you feel better though!

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Does L Theanine make you nauseous ?! @everhopeful

No, not at all … And I take 800mg everyday.

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I am not sure why I am so lightheaded and nauseous lately!!! I feel like puking almost all the time :flushed:

I also have some pain in my chest and like a throat frog

Maybe it is because i am drinking recently

Hmm… That’s definetely something to bring up with your doctor. Especially if you’re on geodon.

yeah I will tell him… :slightly_frowning_face:

I will get my blood test done this week too. Did you get it done?

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No , not yet. Hopefully thursday or friday.

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