A Poem: Correct

You’re still alive
So everything you’ve done
Up until now has been
Correct overall.


I am glad I am alive after all these years, even after living in my Mazda 626 in America.


I love it!
So true

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Omgoodness I LOVE this!

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We’re made from the scattered remnants of dying stars.

We are the latest living beings in an unbroken chain of evolutionary success that has lasted billions of years.

Our brains are organized in a way that is vastly more complex than galaxies.

We are as far as we know the most intelligent beings in the known universe.

And yet we’re all dumb monkeys who can’t even climb trees well and who go around killing each other for sport.

Thank God for computers and AI.


I came back from America in 2002 and a few years after I started keeping a list of people whom I had known somehow and who had died during these years. Some drank too much alcohol, some had lung cancer, some committed suicide and some have died for some other reason. I stopped keeping this list in this year after I had already 52 names. I am really happy that I am alive and plan to stay alive next 30 years.

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