A Poem: Cloud

Looking for something
Permanent is like
Trying to punch
A cloud.


Waiting for my soulmate to materialize
And whisk me off into the sunset
Is also like
Punching a cloud

There I go ripping off your poems again @everhopeful! :joy: Like punching a cloud is a great metaphor though!

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Where are all these soulmates hiding?! Mine is taking their time to materialize also :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Beautiful everhopeful

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I worked with a guy who was having an affair with a woman who was a cloud zapper. They’d get together with crystals and sit in a circle and concentrate on dissolving clouds with their mind power. True story and really believed it. We’d just call him the cloud zapper!

Great poem by the way! I do like the image of punching a cloud!


Thanks @rogueone !